Doin’ it for the ‘gram: A guide to food photography

We eat with our eyes first so make your food look as good as it tastes with these tips!

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that there’s going to food at the Good Food & Wine Show – lots of it!

And these days, where there’s food, there’re also smartphones, ready to capture every angle of deliciousness! Because if you didn’t take a photo of it and share it on your socials, then did you really eat it?

You don’t have to be an influencer to turn your food photos into works of art. Before you get snap happy, here are some tips to get your food looking as good in reel life as it does in real life.

Focus your shot

Nothing ruins a photo more than it being out of focus. Take the guesswork out of it and use the auto focus mode on your smartphone or camera to get it right. While auto focus is usually foolproof, zoom into the photo after taking it to check it’s in focus.

Let there be light

The general rule with photos is, the more light, the better. Find a spot with lots of natural cool light and shoot against the light so you don’t block it. The more light you have, the more the colours in the food will pop.

Work your angles 

Add some variety to your photos and take your shots from a few different angles. Try some popular angles like 45 degrees (shooting from the side) and 90 degrees (shooting from the top). If this means having to get on a chair to get the perfect shot, then do it!

Check what’s around your plate 

Think about everything that’s captured in the frame of your shot, not just what’s on your plate. Remove the clutter and add in a few items to style your shot. For example, a glass of wine placed at the edge of a photo will improve the look of a pasta dish. It’ll better show the experience of enjoying a delicious Italian meal.

To filter or not filter

Think of filters as spices. A little bit of spice amps up the flavour, too much and you’ve ruined the dish. Treat filters the same way. Use them with caution and you’ll have a photo that’s perfect for every palate!

Don’t just stand there!

Not all your photos have to be still life. You can get action shots of food too! Get creative and capture the motion of enjoying food and drink.

Get snapping at the Kleenheat Kitchen

Now that you know how the experts do it, practice your photography skills at the Kleenheat Kitchen at the Good Food & Wine Show.

Our homegrown talents – Guy Jeffreys (Millbrook Winery), Josh Catalano (Fish Boss) and Eva + Debra (My Kitchen Rules) – will be sharing their advice for recreating their photo-worthy recipes at home.